Let’s Go To The Zoo




Is this real life? That’s what I have to ask myself everyday. Weekends like this do nothing but confirm that coming back to Jacksonville was the right decision. Sorry to those that say it was a mistake leaving the opportunity I had in Detroit, because it just wasn’t. If I stayed there it would’ve been for the wrong reasons and I’m not going to allow myself to be that kind of man!

The entire weekend was amazing but definitely peaked on Sunday! It was family day on roids! After church we hit up Sneakers. The Jags were playing so we watched some football and had a good lunch. Ate me some gator bites! :) After lunch it was all about the Jacksonville Zoo! Now I’m an animal freak so I was just as excited about the zoo as the kids were. Hell, I was probably way more excited. LOL. It was Mel, Bryan, Dos, Diana, me, and the kids! A PERFECT CREW FOR THE ZOO! Audrina is 6 and Gavin is almost 3 so you could imagine how different the experience might’ve been for them. For instance, feeding giraffes! Haha. Audrina is all about it where as Gavin was a little timid. Who would blame him? This giraffe with his huge ass tongue, like the size of Gavin’s arm, is reaching out for these twigs in his hands. LOL. If I was 3 feet tall, I’d be a little scared too! That’s definitely one of the cool parts about the JAX Zoo, though. It’s very interactive! I’m all about petting sting rays and feeding giraffes! One thing is for sure, bring kids to the zoo and you’ll have more fun! I sure did!

The zoo does nothing but remind of this scene in Jerry Maguire. Haha.  I laugh every single time!!

It seems like every weekend I get to come away from it saying how much fun I had and how I’d love nothing more than to just keep pushing repeat on these moments in life that I’m enjoying so much!!


Side note. This Kim Kardashian dealio with the pose in front of the mirror revealing her post-baby body??? Yeah. That’s a HUGE opportunity for radio stations and their jocks to grab some web hits or social media interaction. Copy the pose. Do it. Stack ‘em side by side. Even the dude jocks should. Why not? Get a laugh out of it at least!

Hell, my mother did it! ;)


Luke Bryan Leads To Beer And McDonalds



You couldn’t have asked for a better weekend!! Spent Friday night with Mel at Mavericks for Brett Eldredge and Saturday we went to Valdosta for Luke Bryan’s “Farm Tour”. 1st let me say that Brett was awesome! I only knew a few of his songs but he nailed some covers and really kept everyone into the show! After the show was over, we hit up the dance floor a little. Now don’t ask how it happened, just know that it did. I attempted to line dance. LOL. Yeah. It happened. Regardless of how clueless I was to all the dances, it sure was fun! Now I’m just gonna have to hop on YouTube and learn how to do them all legitimately! Haha.

Valdosta, GA is about 2 hours on the nose from Jacksonville so there were no excuses for us to not hop in the car and road trip to Luke Bryan! I saw him a couple years ago at THE PLAYERS but that was just a small scale show in comparison to this! Cole Swindell opened up and then right before Luke went on, the Peach Pickers hit the stage! They were one helluva surprise! They sang a ton of hits written by them so it was pretty much a sing-a-long show for the rest of the night. After a damn good amount of Miller Lite, Luke came on and didn’t disappoint! Just an amazing performer. For most of the show we had a great spot pretty close to the stage but after making the executive decision to go to the bathroom, we discovered we could see better if we hung back a little!

That guy knows how to perform. Flat out. It was an awesome show and an amazing time for sure! Only draw back was afterwards, traffic. Not just traffic but like, stand still traffic. We sat still for over 2 hours!! Soooo poorly organized. We finally got to moving which meant only one thing. Food. We were starving. Went with McDonalds. It’s true. I actually ate McDonalds. First time in over a year. Felt good. Didn’t taste that good but it felt good to not give a crap. I went with a cheeseburger, fries, filet-o-fish, and an ice cream cone. I had to throw in the ice cream! Come on! How could I not?!?

We didn’t get home from the concert until a good five in the morning. Bed never felt better! After sleeping most of the day away, we went off to Latitude 30 to surprise our friend Bryan for his birthday! Was just an awesome family day! Tons of people showed up. Everyone bowled, played games, ate, and watched the Jags/Broncos game! That place has such an awesome atmosphere. We really should go there more often! Like I said, EVERYONE was there, including Mel’s little boy Gavin who just so happens to be the cutest thing on Earth! It was my first time being around him and I couldn’t have been more amazed by this little guy! Needless to say, he was all the entertainment we needed. Haha. Watching him play and bounce around from game to game was hilarious! You’ve heard of the “kid in the candy store” expression? Well this was on another level! LOL. Of all the games at this place, and keep in mind he’s almost three, who would’ve thought skee ball would be the one he played the most? Of course, he figured out it’s much easier when you jump up on the ramp and walk all the way to the holes and throw the balls in from point blank range! LOL. Hey, if you’re not cheatin’, you’re not trying! Just overall a fantastic time with everyone coming out to show Bry some love for his birthday and what a perfect ending to an amazing weekend.


Craig Campbell At Mavericks And Movies For Days



Man it sure felt good to get back to Mavericks!! I hadn’t been since I moved back to Jacksonville and it is easily one of my favorite places to hit up in town. I know the owner well. He’s proud of that place and because of it, he brings great country acts in to perform. Friday night it was Craig Campbell! I wasn’t originally planning on going to the show but it was game on when I found out my friends were going! Glad I went! Craig was great and “Outta My Head” is easily one of my favorite songs at the moment. Here’s his performance of that song…

How about some movie reviews? Thursday night we all went to see the movie “Prisoners”. Take note: You SHOULDN’T see this movie with PARENTS! Haha. 2 of the girls we went with were moms that have young children. It’s pretty scary in that way. Not like a horror movie, but how believable it was! The flick was awesome. Just suspenseful. I thought Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal were amazing. I would compare it to the movie “The Vanishing”. If you like that and can handle that one, you should be good to go for this one!

The other was “Gravity”. I wanted to see this one already but after everyone was posting on Facebook about how amazing it was we made sure to up it on the priority list!! We saw it in XD 3D, which is pretty much IMAX. The movie was awesome. Not 100% what I thought it was going to be and not the best movie. But it was great and Clooney and Bullock are awesome together. I know you’re probably curious so make sure to go see it! It’ll be worth your money. Just make sure you see it in 3D because I doubt it’s the same otherwise!

Web.com Tour And The Colts In Town…Sign Me Up




The golf world in JAX has been gearing up for this week for a while now and it has been absolutely AMAZING!! Obviously, I’m a golfer and take the game pretty serious so I know all about the Web.com Tour and what it means to have the Tour Championship here in town! I went out to the course on Thursday with Diana and spent the night watching Web.com Tour player Nick Flanagan working on his game with my friend (his coach) Jorge and then saw PGA Tour player Jonas Blixt hitting balls on the range testing out new equipment from Cobra/Puma Golf. To be able to have access to the players like that is just awesome! Too cool!


I went back to the course on Friday with Mel! We kind of hit up dollar beers LOL. They kept running out and they were warm so we said screw it and got that full price shit! Haha! $3 Mich Ultra! I’m soo down for that. We ran into my buddy Baker and watched some golf before the big concert! Blues Traveler!! Eh. They were okay honestly. We had a blast though chillin’ on the lawn drinking beers with some friends. Actually, some dudes. Yup. Put Mel through the ringer already. It was me, her, and every guy friend I have that isn’t in our mutual friends group! She passed. She nailed it. That. Was. AWESOME.  I honestly think it’s impossible to not have a good time and a smile on my face when I’m with her!

Today was a big day in Duval! The Colts were in town! Being from Indy, I don’t miss Colts games when they’re in JAX! I went with my buddy Bryan who got us some free tickets because, let’s face it, no one buys Jags tickets. They’re awful. I don’t want them to be just because they’re playing the Colts either! They’re just that terrible. Indy won 37-3. Just awesome! Haha. We had a good time for sure!!!



I absolutely have to share this pic! I made Diana walk an extra mile just so we could walk past 17 at TPC Sawgrass on the Stadium just to snap it! Haha!


Tons Of Florida Like Things




Man this Catfish show is awful. Why do people watch it? Sorry. Random thought as it’s on TV. Back to The Italian Job for me! I mean back to blogging!

I had such an AMAZING weekend! Friday was chill. Went to TPC Sawgrass. Hit about 500 golf balls. Later that night, went to Wal-Mart. It was awesome. Haha!

Saturday I woke up and played golf with some guys from church at the King and Bear at the World Golf Hall of Fame. This is huge!! The course was awesome but honestly I think I was concentrating more on the guys in my group and the good time that was being had that I don’t remember much about the golf course! I didn’t play well but I started off really well. I had this ridiculous blister on my right hand that bugged me the entire back nine. Think I shot 81. Barefoot. That was about as bad as I could’ve played. The round was highlight by a 311 yard par 4 (Seen above!) that I reached in 1. Hitting it that far wasn’t the big deal…hitting it that far over a forced carry! Now THAT was a big deal! My guys playing with me and their reaction to it was the best part!


Saturday night was some damn good times with some damn good people! My buddy Baker just got back into town after spending some time on the road playing golf. He’s a professional with dreams of playing on the PGA Tour and currently playing on the mini tours working his way up. We played in the same junior golf circle back in Indiana and roomed together last year. Me and the biffle met him, my friend Aaron who works at TaylorMade Golf at TPC Sawgras, Jorge, Dave, and Jarut who are all instructors at the PGA Tour Academy, Jonas who is a PGA Tour player, and his friend Anna who plays on the LPGA Tour. THIS is a good crew to chill with. We hit up Taco Lu. It’s what you do. After dinner, hit up the Green Room for the first time. It’s a brewery and it’s mind blowing! Not a place you wanna go on a Saturday night when you plan on going out though. The beers are good and heavy! On to the next one. Brix then Shim Sham! You can’t have a bad time with the people I was with but the night did get better when I ran into Mel! I met her through a friend the week before but we had talked all week and this was like the first time we had actually chilled together. We went over to The Tavern for maybe 30 minutes, so not long. No big though! We had plans to see each other on Sunday! ;)


That pic above? Yeah…That’s our first pic together. LOL. You I’m. In. Trouble. We were in St. Augustine with the normal crew “celebrating” our friend Tiff’s birthday for like the 10th time this month! We hit up A1A (The brewery/restaurant, not the road!) and then we went over to Conch House! This was my first time there and HOLY s**t! What a compound of awesomeness! Haha. If you like that tiki hut marina atmosphere, it’s the place for you! After Conch it was time to head over to the Amp to see Rebelution and Collie Buddz. Where I decided to photobomb some people. :) Beer bomber? Got a little ring to it!


I gotta keep doing that. Haha. I nailed that one behind those dudes! The concert was a lot of fun but I gotta be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to the show. :) Spent all of my time talking to Mel! Did I mention before I was in trouble? Yup. Feel good about this one! ;)

Side note, I think I’ll be finding about a job I interviewed for this week so I’m looking forward to knowing yes or no about that!! You’ll know when I know!


I Laughed Harder At Tom Brady On A Wrecking Ball



I’m a Colts fan. I don’t like losing to Tom Brady and the Patriots. At the same time, I respect the Hell out of him. BUT! I def like to laugh at his expense!

On that note, we can all laugh at this video. Brady as Miley. Doesn’t get any funnier!

(Oh, and I know you noticed that Patriots logo on the ball!)

Turning My Love Of Golf And Instagram Into OPPORTUNITY




Coolest. Thing. Ever. Let me just try to set this up really quick. When I was in high school, I played golf. That’s all I cared about. I got pretty good at the game but whether I was good or not didn’t matter when it came to my actual passion for the game as a whole. I followed it like it was the only thing in the world. I know soooo much about it because of this. So when Void Magazine, a local mag here in JAX, approached me to be involved in a contest putting me up against three other people on Instagram to help promote the Web.com Tour Championship, I flipped out!! I’m so excited for this opportunity to help promote the game I love in the city I love, but to partner up with the Web.com Tour and Void is just icing on the cake!

The contest starts on Monday and here’s how it works:

The winner will be identified as the person that through Instagram from Sept 16th – Sept 29th 2013…

1. Showcases the best WCTC overall engagement (does not mean total “likes” or most posts)
2. Most WCTC creative approach.
3. Best WCTC images (not limited to golf)
4. Portrays Web.com Tour Championship in all its aspects and activities through Instagram.

I have some ideas that I think will really be awesome! If you’re not following me on the Gram, check it @bryanradio and follow along! If you’re local and some how stumbled upon this site, just know I’ll be giving away FREE tickets to the Tour Championship and some other Web.com Tour gear!

Big news to in that I have a job interview on Monday! Wish me luck! The only thing I will say about it is that it would keep me in Jacksonville and IS a radio opportunity that would be right in my wheel house! In the mean time, I’m just going to keep posting awesome videos like this old one of Tiger Woods and hitting the pool on a daily basis!


This Guy Is THE MAN



I don’t care if this is a guy talking about another guy, this is the cutest thing ever! “Have we kissed yet?”, “Do we call each other baby?”, and “I hit the jackpot!” are just some of the awesome things this guy says when waking up with post surgery amnesia.

The best might be the end when he says “I must’ve really liked you!” when talking about the ring on her finger.

Twerk Fail Into Flames…FAKE…CLASSIC



So I didn’t post the original video of the girl that twerked herself into flames because well, figured this would be the last place anyone would come to find it considering my site isn’t really all that public. THIS on the other hand, MUST be shared!

Man I absolutely LOVE Jimmy Kimmel and his genius!

NFL Week 1, 18 Holes, and Music Videos For Daaaaays




Football is more than officially back! I know it started on Thursday with the Broncs domination of the Ravens but the first Sunday of the NFL season is when it becomes official! I’m not much of a drinker but I didn’t mess around Sunday! I mentally prepared to drink on game day and boy did I come through! Haha! Free beer and free Fireball jello shots at a tailgate will get the job done. As for the football game, didn’t watch much of it. 2 points by the Jags? That’s not entertaining at all! At least the Colts won! (Go Horse!)

Skip back to Saturday. Played a round of golf with my old boss from my Jacksonville radio days and it was definitely a tale of two nines. Who has played 3 rounds of golf this year and decides at the last minute he wants to play a round of golf and shoots 35 on the front nine? This guy. Who goes birdie-birdie then pulls a muscle in his back and can’t complete a backswing and shoots 43 on the back nine? (Lotta “back” in that sentence!) THIS guy. Oh well. Was fun. Here, you can see the disaster in number form.


Agh! NOW on to music! Some cool vids droppin’ today from naked Miley Cyrus and after an awkward showing during the Michigan/Notre Dame game, Eminem’s video is here!


Yup. Naked Miley may have topped twerkin’ VMA Miley. The song is cool. I’m a fan. LOVE Eminem’s “Berzerk” but really just needed an excuse to post the awk vid from Saturday night. This is that excuse.


How about Vince Gill cussin’ out Westboro Baptist Church? This is amazing. Screw Westboro and GO VINCE!


BUT…the best vid from the weekend isn’t a music video or football related in any way! It’s gotta go to Keith Urban performing LIVE at Tootsie’s in Nashville having STEVEN TYLER hop up on the stage to perform with him!